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The Vampire: Elder Kindred Networks gathers all the players of the multi-awarded card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.. Deck Clinic - V:EKN forum

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    You might consider 1x Vagabond Mystic. The deck looks good!

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    I'd prefer a bleed reduce reaction package here: Confusion of the Eye (doubles as vote defense), Ecstasy, Ministry (Tarbaby Jack & Teresita), and Cats' Guidance. Think of each reduce card as an Ascendance that sucks up opponent minion actions and pressure. Reducing for two should nail a bleeder once or twice by Ecstasy

    Maybe Touch of Pain if there is room, just to see how they play together (you won't always zero out bleeds,). But I suspect there are better reaction choices, like Guard Dogs or something.

    Throw in a Tattoo Signal for the above vampires, too. Burn option helps deck thin if Teresita doesn't show.

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    A bleed + Inside Dirt is 3 pool loss. So, you need two actions to achieve what Govern does in 1. That means you either need more minions or the ability to multi-act.

    Having done well with an Inside Dirt deck previously, I would suggest more, cheaper minions.

    Bleed/Inside Dirt deck is a variant of the Night Moves/Spying Mission deck type, which also takes two actions to cause 3 pool loss. I'd look to successful versions of those decks to influence your ideas and understanding of this one.

    Also consider Danse Macabre for the occasional action boost, your bleed action should almost always be successful.

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    Group 5 nos have 4 vampires with AUS. If aus is what you are after, they might be good for intercept combat. group 1-2 is maybe a bit better at voting. Defense in the form of second tradition and or parity shift. Plenty of tournament winning decks with that archetype.

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    Kraus wrote:

    Ellison Humboldt has a powerful special for sure, but she's going in my :OBF: :PRE: stealth-bleed deck, along with Cailean and Sundown. (I love the Nosferatu.) :P

    No reason not to use her in both!

    Ellison's a he .

    And yes, Ellison is surprisingly strong if you want to make a Nos vote deck. The "princes cannot block Ellison" clause gets a lot of surprise mileage.

    I have been fiddling with a nos vote deck myself, might be a time to revisit it.

    LivesByProxy wrote: I feel like Cock Robin has a super strong special (multi-act w/Animalism? Yes please.) but there aren't that many worth-while Animalism actions. Raven Spies, Army of Rats, Deep Song, but then what? I wish Taunt The Caged Beast would tap the vampires it forces into combat. It would be a great control card.

    Underbridge stray is an option. If you want rush combat, sense death is a +1 stealth animalism rush to younger vampires.

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    Interestingly, Maris Streck and Rachel Brandywine have Animalism, titles, and superior Auspex. Since your Potence angle is weak at best, I'd suggest diversifying a little more to grab two really good vampires.

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    I tried this in the spring before new HoS cards as Anarch and with Constant Revolution. It was so, so bad and the tables just always timed out.

    But its a fun idea that could be further experimented on. I'll see if i'll write more on it once i get on a keyboard.

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    Im looking into redoing the crypt. I can build almost any crypt and I agree that Slaitkov isn't ideal.

    I don't mind the marauder and breath combo and I'll explore that.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    I'd throw in Rotschreck. Also, Under siege could be helpful, since you already have titles.
    Mylan is handy.
    Also, as mentioned, running all 3 one-a-game-fatty-reward-votes is practical.

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